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Savvas A. Chatzichristofis and Yiannis S. Boutalis
Compact Composite Descriptors for Content Based Image Retrieval.
 Basics, Concepts, Tools – ISBN-10: 363937391X

This book covers the state of the art in image indexing and retrieval techniques paying particular attention in recent trends and applications. It presents the basic notions and tools of content-based image description and retrieval, covering all significant aspects of image preprocessing, features extraction, similarity matching and evaluation methods. Particular emphasis is given in recent computational intelligence techniques for producing compact content based descriptors comprising color, texture and spatial distribution information. Early and late fusion techniques are also used for improving retrieval results from large probably distributed inhomogenous databases. The book reports on the basic international standards and provides an updated presentation of the current retrieval systems. Numerous utilities and techniques are implemented in software, which is provided as a supplementary material under an open-source license agreement. The book is particularly useful for postgraduate students and researchers in the field of image retrieval, who want to easily elaborate and test state of the art techniques and possibly incorporate it in their development.

Y. Boutalis, D. theodoridis, T. Kottas and M. Christodoulou
System Identification and Adaptive Control 
Theory and Applications of the Neurofuzzy and Fuzzy Cognitive Network Models
(Series: Advances in Industrial Control) –  ISBN-978-3-319-06363-8

Presenting current trends in the development and applications of intelligent systems in engineering, this monograph focuses on recent research results in system identification and control. The recurrent neurofuzzy and the fuzzy cognitive network (FCN) models are presented. Both models are suitable for partially-known or unknown complex time-varying systems. Neurofuzzy Adaptive Control contains rigorous proofs of its statements which result in concrete conclusions for the selection of the design parameters of the algorithms presented. The neurofuzzy model combines concepts from fuzzy systems and recurrent high-order neural networks to produce powerful system approximations that are used for adaptive control. The FCN model stems from fuzzy cognitive maps and uses the notion of “concepts” and their causal relationships to capture the behavior of complex systems. The book shows how, with the benefit of proper training algorithms, these models are potent system emulators suitable for use in engineering systems. All chapters are supported by illustrative simulation experiments, while separate chapters are devoted to the potential industrial applications of each model including projects in:

•             contemporary power generation;

•             process control and

•             conventional benchmarking problems


Books in Greek Language

Yiannis Boutalis and G. Syrakoulis
Computational Intelligence and Applications 

The Book “Computational Intelligence with Applications” (in Greek Language) covers, in an introductory level, the main directions of computational intelligence, outlining, at the same time, indicative potential applications. It includes, in an introductory level, the topics of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Expert Systems, Solutions Searching Algorithms and Genetic Algorithms. The book is appropriate for undergraduate students of polytechnic schools or physical sciences University Departments.

Yiannis S. Boutalis 
Analysis, Control  and Programming of Fixed Base Robotic Manipulators

Robotics: Analysis, Control and Programming of Fixed Base Robotc Manipulators

The Book “Robotics: Analysis, Control and Programming of Fixed Base Robotic Manipulators” is focused in fixed base articulated manipulators. It presents introductory concepts of robotics, the kinematic and dynamic analysis of common industrial robotic arrangements, as well as trajectory generation approaches.  It also presents robotic control techniques, including trajectory control, force control and adaptive control. Finally, basic elements of robotic programming are given along with simple programming code examples.

The material is enriched with a significant number of  example exercises as well as with numerous questions and unsolved exercises.  The book is appropriate for undergraduate students of polytechnic schools or physical sciences University Departments.

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